Your Himalayan Siamese and other cats

Many household have more than one pet some households generally have two kinds of pet. The most favored pets in each household is a member if the dog species and or a member of the cat species. Often times it depends upon the owners as to what type of pet they prefer. If you happen to be a cat person and your home already has cats.

Cats are sort of independent creatures and they do not do well with change. Bringing another cat into the home will most likely incur some sort of adjustment. The cats you already have may begin to show some signs of dominant territorial behaviors. This is also true if the Himalayan Siamese is one of the cats already in the home.

Some cats also become possessive of or over the people; they bond with if they feel this bond is threatened. The cat or the Himalayan Siamese may become aggressive toward another cat in the family. This is sometimes the result of having more than one cat within a household. If you should have the Himalayan Siamese laying by you or in your lap and one of the other cats should try to approach you or invade the Himalayan Siamese territory the Himalayan may hiss, or swat at the approaching cat. This is telling the other cat he or she is not welcome in this area.

Himalayan Siamese or the other cats may even mark things in the house to tell the other cats a certain thing or area belongs to him. This is usually only with the males. Mostly males who have not been altered mark territory. This type of territorial behavior occurs both inside and outside the home. The best way to keep this from happening is to raise the cats together from kittens. When the Himalayan Siamese grows up with other cats? they establish the dominance order on their own. This means each cat knows its place in the rank of the dominant chain. The stronger and older is usually the most dominant. The weaker and younger is the last in the chain and usually gives into or backs down from the others.

However sometimes this is not possible and the Himalayan Siamese has to accept the other or the new cat.
In addition, the other cats in the home must accept the Himalayan Siamese. Owners must allow the cats to spend time with each other to observe how they will live together. If a problem arises separate, the cats for a while then you can try to put them back together again. You separate the cats to let them know you will not tolerate this behavior. Repeat this until the cats and the Himalayan Siamese can stay together without an incident. They will eventually all be able to live together in peace.

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