What are the causes of fish deaths in the aquarium

The health of all living things is proportional to the healthy living conditions around them.

All of their health depends on your choices. To prevent fish diseases, always take your fish from the same place, disinfect your fish bucket, water chemistry and maintain the filter system regularly.

You should know that even a small infection, which can be very easy to heal, is late or unnoticed.

may cause the loss of your fish. “I bought new fish and all my old fish are dead” or ” fish in more than

1 hour passed “water chemistry in common situations, such as changing the physiological environment of the fish changes and invisible bacteria are important. You can only do what you need with care and attention you should try to minimize these losses.

The goldfish lifespan of is important for goldfish owners. How long do the goldfish live ,  By taking good care of your fish you can extend its life.If you want to find out the sex of your goldfish, just look at the abdomen and the female is the female with swelling in the abdomen . As the breeding time approaches, the goldfish hit the bellies of the female goldfish.If you want to know the age of your fish, you must count the rings on the stamps. Source: https://pawbeak.com/how-long-do-the-goldfish-live/

Imported or wholesaler fish from the manufacturer, until the last seller to change the water temperature, a large number fish feces water attrition, sometimes under anesthesia as a result of transport , stress, inability to awaken and disease. Knowingly move them while you take the fish

protection and maintenance will be much more conscious. General for all aquarium lovers

our advice is to have a small quarantine aquarium with increased temperature and for new fish

As long as you can apply this, both the new fish healed and the old fish can come

you will notice that you are beginning to minimize the damage. Formation of biological balance in aquarium and its relationship with fish deaths; I guess many amateurs who have just started aquarium hobby have gone the same way:

Take an aquarium of 50-60 liters. Installed on the recommendation of the seller, one to two days are run. (This time sometimes 1-2 week may also be). Then the fish is added. During the first few weeks everything is going well. Then one Suddenly, the fish start to die.

There is apparently no reason. Until a few days ago in the aquarium in a very healthy way

the poor fish swimming there, without eating and drinking without cutting the fins shriveled or bottom collapsed, or on the surface, mouths open to air waiting to die.

The dead fish are removed, replaced with new ones, but these newly added fish show the same symptoms rapidly and they die.

Many beginners begin to add a handful of medicines to the aquarium. It’s no use. Right

ask the left, irrelevant, they get answers in five places: Add salt, increase heat.

– Silicon poisoning, change the aquarium.

-Infectious disease, completely disinfect the aquarium, re-establish.

Unfortunately, none of these methods work. Generally, novice aquarists who see no use of bottles of medicine, the most wrong thing to do

They make: The whole aquarium is emptied, sand, stones, decorations are boiled, the aquarium is rubbed with salt and re-established.

New fish are added. In a couple of weeks, everything looks fine again. But then again, the fish start to die again. Most of these scenarios, novice aquarist? I can not do this job? and dispose of the aquarium, or with flower pots on the balcony.

However, none of the fish deaths in a newly established aquarium within a few weeks or months are without cause. It is not. On the contrary, it has a very good reason: the new aquarium syndrome.

In nature, there are a number of natural cycles that have been going on for millions of years: the water cycle, the oxygen cycle, the nitrogen cycle.

  1. All these cycles are the balances necessary for the continuation of natural life (as well as human life).

An artificial environment such as an aquarium is out of all these cycles and balances when first created. The good thing is, A number of balances will occur spontaneously whether we want to or not. But there’s one bad thing: it’s balances take time to form.

At the time the aquarium was first established, it is a fan that contains only water (and sand and decoration, etc.) and When a living thing is added to it, it will break down the naturally occurring waste and render it harmless. It lacks the nitrogen cycle, which is an important mechanism.

What is this Nitrogen Cycle? Every living thing in the aquarium (fish, snails, shrimps, plants, etc.) produces waste. These wastes, and also inedible Other organic substances such as feeds dissolve while ammonia (NH3) gas is released into the middle.

Ammonia (NH3) naturally occurring in the natural cycle,? Nitrosomonas? oxidized by bacteria

Nitrite (NO2). The resulting nitrite, this time? Nitrobacter? bacteriaand converted into nitrate (NO3). The resulting nitrate is used as a nutrient by the plants and the cycle It is completed.

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