Weaning your Kittens

If you want to have cats as your pets, then you should know more about them before having them in your home. You should have kittens instead of adult cats, because it is much easier to discipline kittens unlike adult cats. Furthermore, bonding with humans is what the kitten needs to gain love and affection.

Feeding the kittens is one of the most complex tasks that you have to do. The kitten, in its first few weeks, heavily depends on its mother’s milk. But they must also be trained to eat solid foods a few weeks following its birth. This is what weaning kittens is all about.

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Weaning kittens involves training your kitten to eat solid foods. It is a complete guide that can help you know when to feed it and what to feed it.

Weaning kittens starts on its 3rd week. At this point, you can feed your kitten with canned foods for kittens. Mix it with hot water to form a gruel. Your kitten should eat this meal until its 4th week.

After the fourth week, the kitten should have grown teeth. When this happens, you can now feed your kitten with soft canned foods without mixing hot water. The kitten’s mother may not be able to supply your kitten with milk every time, so it’s good if the kittens have an alternative food. This transition is done for the 5th to the 6th week.

By the time the kitten is 6 weeks old and above, it is ready to be detached from its mother. This can now be done because the kitten now relies on solid foods instead of milk. And when the kitten is 10 weeks old, you can now feed it with kitten food.

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