Types Of Budgies

Budgies mainly come in greens, This is the most popular type that you will see. When you go to a pet shop you mainly see greens being sold. Budgies come in lots of different colors and we have tried to list them all below.

Green budgies These budgies can come in light green ,dark green etc, Or a mixture of the two. These are the most popular and found everywhere. Breeders often say it is important to keep green budgies due to them having a healthy gene.

Blue budgies These budgies are often found at breeders and not so much at pet shops, So to aquire one its best to find a breeder of these birds. It is very rare that you will find a pure blue budgie. More common are blue with a little bit of a different color on them.

White budgies These budgies are lovely looking budgies and not very common. White budgies without red eyes are not called Albinos. A pure white budgie with red eyes is called a Albino. These are rare birds.

Yellow budgies These budgies are lovely to look at. A pure yellow budgie with red eyes is called a Lutino. A yellow budgie without red eyes is just called a yellow. These birds are not very common and can usually be found at breeders.

Grey budgies These budgies are commonly known that if you put a grey budgie with a blue budgie and they breed. You are likely to get violet budgies. Generally kept by breeders for this purpose.

Violet budgies These budgies are one of the less common colors in budgies, and usually come with a yellow or white head. Violet budgies are usually the offspring of a grey and a blue.

Cobalt blue budgies These budgies stand out in any bird room or pet shop due to the really bright color blue. These are lovely looking birds with a white or yellow face.

Rainbow budgies These budgies have more than 5 colors on them and come with a white or yellow face. These budgies are really pretty and will cost a little more than the rest.

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