Preventing Feline House soiling

Taking care of kittens can be such a difficult task especially if your kittens are not well disciplined. One of the biggest disciplinary problems of felines is house soiling.

Inappropriate house soiling occurs when your kitten defecates or urinates anywhere on your house instead of their own litter box. This could be very frustrating. But instead of getting angry at the kitten, focus on the cause of the problem. One good reason why kittens do not use their litter box might be because they see something wrong with the litter box.

Feline House soiling

There are various reasons why cats would not want to use their litter box. This includes: medical problems such as bladder infection and constipation; the litter box is not cleaned enough; the type of litter (in terms of odor and texture) is disagreeable; the litter box is in an place with much traffic or is unreachable; or the litter box is near the food bowl.

If you noticed that one of these problems are the cause, then you have to act immediately. If it is a medical problem, then get the kitten to the veterinarian for a check-up. If the litter box is not cleaned enough, then clean it more frequently. If the type of litter is disagreeable, then change the type and see what your kitten would like. If the litter box is unreachable, then take it someplace where your kitten can easily reach. If you put the litter box somewhere near the food bowl, make sure to take it farther away. All of these problems can be solved by careful observation.

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