pomsky Care and health

Pomsky dogs are usually resistant to diseases that can afflict the parent animals for genetic and health reasons.

Frequently, however, plaque formation can occur, in order to prevent tooth loss here, regular teeth brushing is advisable. Regular vaccinations and controls should also be a matter of course for an animal.

Due to the double fur, regular brushing is of great importance so that the fur does not become matted. Due to the nature of the coat, the Pomsky dog ​​tends to “shed” it, so it is important to brush out the undercoat frequently. The dog’s sleeping area must also be cleaned regularly, these are time-consuming measures that should be considered when purchasing.

First of all: Nature generally does not allow a “Pomsky”. Even the pomeranian itself is difficult to breed and the breed is considered to be less robust. In addition: the size differences between the breeds are so large that mating would rarely work. Pomskys are therefore created through artificial insemination. The breeders use the seeds of dwarf peaks, the dam is always a Siberian Husky. Otherwise, a pomeranian would have to deliver puppies that would be too big for his small body. https://petanimalworld.com/full-grown-pomsky/

Typical diseases

As noted above, Pomsky dogs can suffer from dental problems and risk losing their teeth if they are not cared for. But the designer dogs from the USA are highly controversial among critics, they are said to have developed the immune system less robustly and the breed should be on a design level and not on the basis of a serious breed.



The parent animals should be properly selected when crossing, which the critics of the Pomsky designer dogs question. When the animals grow up, undesirable inherited traits can arise, which is why experts refuse to breed hybrids. Here the result should be too unpredictable and for this reason the emergence of a new breed should not be possible. The designer dogs are considered fashion dogs in the USA and because of their cuteness they become a new member of the family, without any guarantee of what characteristics they actually have. With a mix, the owner never knows what will ultimately become of their new pet. Visually, the owner believes he has a mini husky, but over the years it can be seen that his former “mini” has grown significantly larger and has grown into a large Husky-Zwerspitz hybrid. In the case of mongrels, there is always no guarantee of a reliable being and thus mongrels remain a surprise package, even the cute Pomsky.


Light brown sitting Pomsky dog


The Pomsky dog ​​is a human-bred mixed breed that was bred to satisfy “customer needs”. In the process, he became a new designer dog from the USA, a fashion hybrid that was planned and deliberately crossed. Pictures of these “sweet” dwarf husky mix-breeds are now also coming to Germany and the interest of the little balls of wool is aroused here too. Often unrecognized breeders cross dogs in order to “create” this fashion dog. If the first litter of the hybrids is still very much the same, it can happen that the next time the Pomsky dogs are bred, they are very different in size and character. With the new initial breeding, however, no targeted, successful breeding selection is recognized.


The Pomsky dogs have to be bred again and again from the original breeds, but this does not result in a new breed of dog that would arise if uniform Pomsky dogs were repeatedly created among the Pomskys.

For those who are aware of this and want to embark on the little adventure of the surprise effect, the Pomsky can become an ideal member of the family. However, if you want a guarantee as to the nature of a dog, you should opt for a different breed of dog.

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