Siberian Husky Breeder

5 Important Questions To Ask a Husky Breeder If you have been thinking about getting a husky puppy it’s important that you know what to ask potential breeders when you are interviewing them. Buying your first puppy

Is Kitten Adoption For You?

Kitten adoption is one of the sweet, simple pleasures of life.  There is nothing like returning home with a wriggling, furry new friend to love and take care of.  And as wonderful as adopting a kitten can

Budgie Lifespan

Since parakeets were first kept as pets age they’ve got longer and longer. All the time we learn more about keeping parakeets. And the more we learn, the longer they stay. Budgies today can live for fifteen

Introduction To Budgie

Firstly you will need a area where you build a bird room. This can be a shed or garage and should contain a aviary flight area. Depending on how many budgies you want to breed will decide

Types Of Budgies

Budgies mainly come in greens, This is the most popular type that you will see. When you go to a pet shop you mainly see greens being sold. Budgies come in lots of different colors and we

Budgie Care

Budgies are very intelligent and one of the worlds most famous birds to keep as a pet. They are freindly, Gentle and easy to tame. They make a wonderful pets and are very easy to tame, A

All About the Russian Hamster

If you have always wanted a Russian hamster, there are two different breeds that you should explore: Campbell’s Dwarf Russian Hamster and the Dwarf Winter White Russian Hamster. Both are small hamsters, four inches and under, and

Preventing Feline House soiling

Taking care of kittens can be such a difficult task especially if your kittens are not well disciplined. One of the biggest disciplinary problems of felines is house soiling. Inappropriate house soiling occurs when your kitten defecates

Caring for your Kitten

If you want to take care of kittens, then you first have to know how to. You can’t just grab a kitten and pretend that you are taking care of it. You must know how to do

FLUTD – Prevention and Treatment

Having a pet kitten, you can’t help but worry about their health. There are diseases that can affect your kitten that might lead to their death. One of the most dangerous disease that you must know in