Litter Box Training for Kittens

Are you looking for a good pet? Then cats should be one of your options. Cats are very affectionate pets and you’re sure to enjoy having it at home. If you are to have a cat at home, then it’s best to have a young kitten for starters.

Getting a kitten instead of an adult cat is a great idea because you can discipline it and it will learn faster than adult cats. One of the discipline trainings that you must do for the kitten is the litter box training.

The litter box training for kittens should be done immediately because this is the most difficult problem a kitten could give you. If you do not train it to use the litter box, then the kitten might just litter anywhere at your home.

Start the training by getting the kitten its own litter box. An enamel or plastic pan is a good enough litter box. It is easy to clean and it will not rust. You also need to fill the litter box with commercial cat litter.

You must put the litter box in a secluded area that your kitten could go to anytime of the day. Place your kitten on the litter box every time you finished playing with it, after waking in the morning, before going to sleep, and after meals. The kitten will then litter on the litter box, and after a few weeks of this, your kitten should now prefer to litter on the litter box. Just be consistent in doing this.

Make sure that your kitten is not allowed to go anywhere at your home if you are uncertain that the kitten is well-trained.

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