Introduction To Budgie

Firstly you will need a area where you build a bird room. This can be a shed or garage and should contain a aviary flight area. Depending on how many budgies you want to breed will decide the size of your bird room. Take time to build your bird room as it will be a place you visit often. It should be clean and tidy to avoid your budgies catching diseases.

A aviary area is nescessary either in your bird room or close to it. When your budgies are not breeding they should go back in the aviary to stretch their wings and keep them in good health. It will also put less stress on the bird. A budgie can breed once or twice a year. Your aviary Area should contain plenty of pirches for your budgies to sit on. They like toys so treat them to lots.

Budgies Like clean breeding cages. You should allow a area in your birdroom where your cages will stay. The amount of cages you have will depend on the size of your shed. Cages can be bought for around about £20 or less if collected. You can save money by building your own, But this will take you a long time.

Once you have your cages you will need nest boxs for your budgies to breed in. These can be attached to the side of the cage, Or inside the cage on on the more modern types. Each nestbox contains a piece of concave where the budgie will lay her eggs. You can also put in some sawdust for comfort.

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