How To Go About Bathing A Cat

Most cats don’t enjoy bathing. When working at a vet clinic most vets don’t enjoy bathing a cat either. However, sometimes, it’s a necessity. There are few options for this so let’s take a look at them and find a simple solution.


Some cats can be brushed clean by a gentle brushing. This will help to avoid the dreaded bath where the cat hangs on to everything (including you the owner) with its claws desperately trying to avoid the water.

Towel Rub Down

Some cats only need a minor bathing and can be bathed via a good old fashioned towel rub down. Here’s how. Grab two towels. Wet one towel and leave the other towel dry. Now wrap kitty in the wet towel and gently rub him down. Switch to the dry towel and dry him off. He may find he likes the soothing motion of a rub down. If he’s not too dirty this may just do the trick.

Spot Clean The Cat

When bathing a cat sometimes one can spot clean him. That is grab a damp wash cloth and have a small dish of warm water available. Gently dab at the afflicted dirty areas and clean kitty that way. Talk nice and gently to kitty while doing this and try to understand that he isn’t going to like it.

When All Else Fails

When all else fails and you simply can’t avoid a bath for kitty, these methods sometimes help. First, prepare yourself. You’ll want some good gloves to protect your hands from kitty scratching. Second, you will wish to wear long sleeves such as a flannel shirt or some other form of protection for your arms. Leave no bare skin for the cat to scratch when you’re preparing to bathe him.

Enlist a brave helper. Have them dress for the occasion as well. You’ll be surprised at how strong kitty is when water is suddenly involved so find a small room such as a small bathroom or laundry room where kitty can’t escape the inevitable.

Preparing For The Event

Now that you’re ready, ready the water in a basin or small sink. About 4 or 5 inches will be plenty. Once the water is ready you or your brave helper need to hold kitty firmly making sure that all 4 legs are held and the jaw is held shut or away from both of you. Teeth can be sharp so lets avoid being bitten.

Avoid running water while kitty is in the room. Sometimes the sound can frighten him. Many people set up a few pitchers of water to rinse the cat when finished. This way no water is ran and kitty won’t be frightened.

ently lower kitty into water and quickly but firmly wash him from head to toe avoiding ears and eyes.

Wrap kitty in a large towel and quickly dry him. Keep kitty inside until he is completely dry to avoid any mud issues from rolling in the dirt.

Don’t worry, your cat will forgive you for bathing a cat in due time.


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