Caring for your Kitten

If you want to take care of kittens, then you first have to know how to. You can’t just grab a kitten and pretend that you are taking care of it. You must know how to do the things that must be done in order to get the kitten healthy. Here are some basic kitten care tips for you.

If you have noticed that your kitten is listless, develops a tickly cough or a runny nose, or lost appetite, or even vomiting, then you have to take it to the veterinarian to have a check-up.

basic kitten care tips for you

The food you feed your kitten should be kept warm at room temperature. Put the kitten’s leftovers on the trash immediately and wash its feeding bowl after each meal.

If you get your kitten neutered or sprayed, then make sure to feed it discreetly. Having gone this operation, the kitten lose much energy and is thus less active and more passive. So make sure they feed on enough amount of food so that it won’t go overweight.

If you have observed that your kitten frequently scratches, check them at once and find out if it is caused by fleas. If it is, then you might want to get it checked-up by the veterinarian to know what you should do. You can also try replacing its bedding or carpet.

Another thing that needs to be checked by the veterinarian is the ear mites. Ear mites are common illness of kittens. Symptoms include frequent scratching of ears and shaking of head. If you see these symptoms, call the veterinarian immediately.

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