Budgie Lifespan

Since parakeets were first kept as pets age they’ve got longer and longer. All the time we learn more about keeping parakeets. And the more we learn, the longer they stay. Budgies today can live for fifteen years or more with proper care. Unfortunately the average budgie may only live for about five or six years. This is not because the owners ignore them, but because the parrot care information is not well known as a treatment other pets, such as dogs and cats.

So, how do you make sure your parrots have a long and happy life?

Since you have found this website, you may be interested to learn about parrot care. And you do not mind putting a little effort into giving your parrot a good life.

If that is true, you’re off to a good start. You see, the little things that count the most when looking after your parrot. small pieces of good daily care quickly add up to make you happy and healthy parrot.

Think of it like this. Forget to feed your parrot for one day will not do too much damage to the whole. Forget to feed your parrot for one day each week will have a much larger effect. Everyone is a bit of damage adds up over time.

The answer is as simple as that. Good day to care is the only way to increase the lifespan of your budgie.

So, what are some of the most important parts of each treatment day?

Your budgie diet: a good diet is essential to keep any animal healthy.

Entertainment: A bored budgie is budgie happy. And being depressed can cause other health problems.

Hygiene: clean environment is a must. You will not be cooking dinner in the kitchen healthy or sleep in the bed dirty. regular cleaning is as important to your furry friend.

Good health care: put a little each month to pay the vet bills when you need to. All parakeets sometimes get sick and can not afford treatment can be heart-breaking. Pet insurance is another option.


A budgie with a good quality of life will generally live longer. If you get into the habit of daily parrot care is good, then you have to have many years of pleasure with your budgie.

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