Budgie Care

Budgies are very intelligent and one of the worlds most famous birds to keep as a pet. They are freindly, Gentle and easy to tame. They make a wonderful pets and are very easy to tame, A baby budgie can be tamed from young and will sit on your finger. Those who already have a budgie will know how great they are to keep.

Budgies are originally found in Australia and are seen to fly wild. In the US they are not wild as they would not be able to survive in our climate but are kept as pets and for breeding. So it is important to take good care of your budgie so they do not escape from your cage.

Budgies are friendly little birds that come in a large selection of colours. Its in their nature to be sociable and active as they like to be held and touched, They like toys and like to be talked to. Budgies like to sing and you can be sure that they will create there own unique tune. Budgies can live upto 7 years or maybe longer if you are lucky. They come in greens, blues, rainbows and many more pretty and interesting colours.

You will these birds to be affectionate and make a great pet. They love affection and if you are lucky they may even talk back to you. They can be trained to talk, whistle and do tricks which are amazing. Budgies do not cost much to keep. They mainly eat seed but you can treat them with egg food and they will love you for this.

Budgies come in two different sizes. Mainly they are pet sized which make the best pets. They also come in exhibition size which are used at budgie shows. Budgies are clean to keep and hardly make any mess outside of there cage. Hand feeding your budgie will keep them tame and freindly. Budgies are great with kids and would make a great pet for a child

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